Regional Clean Seas Youth Forum (RECSYF) “Connected and Capable Youth for Collaborative Clean Seas Actions” in collaboration with Youth Maritime Organization Agenda

• Objectives: This youth forum is beneficial to build the regional partnership of youth, to create the platform for youth to share their ideas, innovation and practical experiences on marine pollution reduction and mitigation, also to improve coordination between youths at regional level in clean seas actions.
• Participation: This event brings together: youth aged 16 – 30 from ASEAN countries plus China, Japan, Timor-Leste, and Korea. Participants can be a community or NGO leader, entrepreneur, student, lecturer or researcher with clear engagement through their research, business, conservation or educational activity on marine pollution issues.
• Expected output/s: Connecting youth and building their capacity at the regional level for contributing collaboratively to the reduction and mitigation of landbased sources of marine pollution, with main focus on nutrient, wastewater, marine litter and microplastics.
• Format event: Virtual Focus Group Discussion


Denpasar, Indonesia