Land-Based Pollution and Marine National Parks Agenda

Celebrating World Nature Conservation this year, RC3S will be putting together forum with the topic of “Land-Based Pollution and Marine Protected Areas” in July 2020. Recognizing that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and productive society for future generations, RC3S is seeking to contribute to the cause and solutions to protect, conserve and sustainably manage natural resources. The discussion will tackle issues related to adverse impacts of land-based pollution to marine protected areas and highlight how these challenges can be addressed through collaborative actions among stakeholders.
The webinar will focus on topics as follows:
1. Marine National Parks Management in the view to Control Marine Pollution “Harmonization of National and Local Government Measures”;
2. Best Practices of Marine National Parks Management in Indonesia;
3. Local Community’s Support in Marine National Parks Management to Control Marine Pollution;
4. Local Government’s Initiatives in Marine Pollution Control for Safeguarding Marine National Parks and its Functions;
5. Private Sector’s Initiatives to Control Marine Pollution in Marine National Parks.


Denpasar, Indonesia