Scientific Research on Marine Pollution from Marine Litter Agenda

Solutions to marine plastic pollution must be predicated upon a clear understanding of the issues based on sound sciences. The forum will be held to provide opportunities to exchange information around scientific research on marine plastic pollution and consider how critical research gaps can be filled. This forum will also provide results from various research on marine plastic pollution. Presentations and discussions in this forum will explore the current state of scientific knowledge on marine plastic litter, including to which extent the existing research addresses the priorities or areas of focus of marine litter policy frameworks and identify key gaps in marine litter research.
Theme “Science-based Solutions to Marine Plastic Pollution in Indonesia”
will cover these following topics:
• Research initiatives in the field of controlling marine litter, as well as prioritization of research support which are still needed;
• Development of science-based solutions and best practices to control marine pollution;
• Predicting the movement and impacts of marine litter and microplastics;
• Policy analysis and strategies to transform marine litter science into actionable policy recommendations.



Denpasar, Indonesia