Collaborative with Private Sector to Develop Model for Reduce Nutrient and/or Wastewater Pollution into the Sea Agenda

Nutrient and waswater pollution remains one of most widespread and costly environmental and public health challenges, threatening the prosperity and quality of life of communities across the nation. Many private sectors already have the initiative to reduce nutrient and/or wastewater pollution into the sea.

• Objectives : To identify private sectors-led initiatives and innovation to control marine pollution, particularly on nutrient and wastewater, aiming to scale-up and replicate the most effective and feasible options.
• Participants: This activity will invite private sectors to present some of their best practices to control nutrient and wastewater pollution.
• Expected output/s: A pilot project identified, assessed, scaled-up and replicated to reduce nutrient and wastewater pollution into the sea.
• Format event: Format options will include TED-style presentations, focused dialogue and discussion, and on-site assessment of the initiatives.


Denpasar, Indonesia