Private sectors solutions to marine pollution form land-based activities Agenda

Numerous socially responsible private sectors are collaborating to seek solutions to marine pollution from land-based activities. These private sectors are working alongside research institutions, and together with communities – including the informal waste management sector and the groups who are affected and disadvantaged. Solutions include technological and design innovation to promote resource efficiency, material and energy recovery from waste, reverse logistics business models, and provision of social and livelihood support for the informal sector and the most affected groups. 

This forum will look at three sessions to find value in marine pollution form land-based activities: (1) Solution to Combat Marine Litter; (2) Solution to Reduce of Marine Pollution from Increased Nutrients; and (3) Solution to Reduce of Marine Pollution from Wastewater. The forum will focus on impactful private sectors solutions to address marine pollution form land-based activities. Private sectors will consider whether solutions will be best achieved through voluntary corporate social responsibility, or mandated extended producer responsibility.


Denpasar, Indonesia