Youth and community solutions to marine pollution form land-based activities Agenda

Communities are important component to mitigate marine pollution form land-based activities. It is imperative to change collective behavior and cultures within communities to reduce marine pollution.  This forum will focus on community-based awareness-raising efforts, advocacy, innovations, and the application of science and grass-root knowledge. The forum will seek solutions through the actions of communities, particularly youth and show how these actions can play essential roles in mitigating marine pollution form land-based activities.

This forum will look at three sessions to find value in marine pollution form land-based activities: (1) Solution to Combat Marine Litter; (2) Solution to Reduce of Marine Pollution from Increased Nutrients; and (3) Solution to Reduce of Marine Pollution from Wastewater. The forum will focus on how inclusive these community and youth-oriented actions are – and whether they fully consider how marine pollution affects various groups in different ways, and how to replicate and upscale these community and youth solutions into policy-making and business innovations.


Denpasar, Indonesia