Innovative Solutions to Combat Marine Litter - Alternative to Plastics Result

  •  Alternative to Plastic Bags

Banjarmasin’s Purun as Single Used Plastic Replacement

Banjarmasin’s Purun as Single Used Plastic Replacement

One of the ways to reduce waste generation is through alternative of plastic bags. Some of it are traditional bags from every region in Indonesia, such as Purun (Banjar’s traditionals) and Noken (Papuan traditional bag). In the city of Banjarmasin, the Government have a policy in place to ban the use of plastic bags in modern retail stores. The policy has also encouraged local residents to be back using Purun  to carry their groceries.

  •  Seaweed-Based Packaging

Evoware Plastic Packaging Replacement

Evoware Plastic Packaging Replacement

Evoware is a reknown invention which received The Ellen MacArthur's international recognition. Bringing the concept of environmental awareness and the mission to replace plastic packaging for food, Evoware created biodegradable and digestible packaging made from seaweed extract. This Evoware product developed as tasteless and soluble food wrapper (therefore will not contribute to waste generation) and potentially make the experience of enjoying packaged foods more comfortable.

  • Eco-friendly Mineral Water Bottle

Aqua's eco-friendly bottle

Aqua Eco-friendly bottle

Pioneer of Bottled Drinking Water (AMDK), Danone Aqua launched the first 100 percent recycled plastic bottle in Indonesia which is also 100 percent recyclable. This bottle also no longer use plastic labels which usually discarded pointlessly because it could not be recycled; and having the brand, logo, label, and other information embossed on the bottle.

Since 2010, Danone Aqua has been supporting social enterprises whose work is to collect used plastic in an inclusive manner in Indonesia. In cooperation with the community of garbage collectors and garbage banks, Danone Aqua has now collected 12,000 tons per year for recycling from its six collection centres.



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