Innovative Solutions to Combat Marine Litter - Monitoring and Research Result

  • Marine Litter Monitoring

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry and other relevant institutions such as the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) periodically carry out marine litter monitoring in various locations in Indonesia.

  Based on the data collected by MoEF from monitoring in 2017 and 2018 in 18 regencies / cities, it shows that the composition of meso-sized marine litter (0.5-2.5 cm) is dominated by wood (35.06%), plastic (24.96%), glass and ceramics (15.86%), other materials (13.66%), metal (4.67%), plastic foam (2.16%), fabrics (1.93%), rubber (1.68%) ), paper and cardboard (0.01%).


                              Marine Litter Monitoring                                          Marine Litter Profile, MoEF (2017)


  • Marine Litter Forcasting and Analyzing System

The Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has developed various monitoring devices including the Ocean Forecast System (OFS) and modelling systems related to marine litter. These devices are essential to support the effort for controlling cross-border pollution and environmental degradation from various sources, such as marine litter which has now become a concern at national, regional and global levels.

                                                                                  Ocean Forecast System (OFS)


  • Coastal Clean-Up Information System

In 2018, the Directorate of Coastal and Marine Pollution and Degradation Control has developed the Coastal Clean-up Information System. This information system created to present data and information on beach clean-up activities carried out by the government, private sectors and non-governmental organizations.

  This Information System contained all beach clean-up data around Indonesia. The data showed in this system include: the implementing agency of the activity, the location of the activity, the number of people involved in the clean-up activity, the amount of garbage collected and the length of the coastline.


                                     CCU Information System                                             Data Recapitulation CCU Information System


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