Innovative Solutions to Combat Marine Litter - Clean Up Result

  • Coastal Clean-Up

The clean-up activities has been carried out by stakeholders, namely governments, private sectors, and public. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry together with partners has successfully reduced marine litter by as much as 38.5 tons with the participants involved as many as 15,000 people. in 21 locations throughout 2017-2019.

Various communities that care about the marine environment have carried out Marine Trash Clean Action. Trash Hero is one of the communities that has carried out clean maritime actions regularly, together with other communities.


                             Coastal Clean-Up in Pandeglang                                                          Clean-Up by Trash Hero


  • Ocean Clean-Up

In addressing pollution caused by garbage around the Thousand Islands, the Government of Jakarta together with the Environmental Agency of the Thousand Islands provide waste transporting vessels operates around the islands. At the moment, there are already 13  vessels in function to collect and transport garbage in Jakarta waters as well as islands in the Thousand Islands Regency.


                                                                                     Waste transporting vessels


  • River Clean-Up

Ciliwung (river) Clean-up

On June 23, 2019, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in collaboration with all stakeholders carried out "Ciliwung Clean-up" and successfully awarded a National Record with 8,433 people involved. The participants came from 33 districts along the riverbanks, nature caring communities, students, residents, youth organizations, employees in the local government.

                                                                                        Ciliwung River Clean-up

Tukad Badung

The city of Denpasar has demonstrated the initiative and innovation on managing domestic waste through the restoration of Tukad Badung. In addition to garbage, water quality improvements were also carried out at Tukad Badung using Plasma Nano Bubble Technology.

                                                                                           Badung Riverbank

Waste Management at National Parks

Garbage collection has been carried out in each village in the Komodo National Park area, 3 times a month. While, the waste collection and transportation at tourism sites is carried out once in a month. Both transportation then done at the same time and the trash is brought to Labuan Bajo to be managed by KSU Trash Komodo.

Komodo National Park

Mountain Clean-Up (Sapu Jagad)

The 2017’s Sapu Jagad cleaning-up operation involved 1,346 people as committees and participants. Participants came from student nature caring communities (Sispala), college student nature caring communities (Mapala), climbers, nature caring groups (KPA) and community members. The clean-up carried out on 17 mountains in Indonesia, including Mount Merbabu National Park, Central Java and Mount Rinjani National Park, West Nusa Tenggara. This clean-up is expected to raise awareness of various parties, including government officials, the private sector, community groups and other stakeholders.

                                                           Mountain Clean-up Operation in 17 Mountains in Indonesia


Denpasar, Indonesia