Side Event “Clean Seas Solutions to Marine Pollution from Land-based Activities: Collaborative Approach” at the Sea of Solution 2020 organized by the UN Environment and COBSEA. Result

          In the implementation of the SEA of Solutions Partnership Week for Marine Plastic Pollution Prevention 2020 organized by UNEP & COBSEA, RC3S on this occasion held a side event webinar related to Clean Seas Solution to Marine Pollution from Land-Based Activities: Collaborative Approach. This side event was held with 6 (six) speakers: (1) Ir. Dida Migfar Ridha,M.Si,; (2) Jerker Tamelander, COBSEA Coordinator; (3) Helmi Puspa, Sustainable Development Sr. QHSEE / Environment Analyst - Pertamina Hulu Energi; (4) Aimee T. Gonzales, The Executive Director of PEMSEA; (5) DR. Ir. H. Muhammad Ashin Sidqi, M.M., President Director of PT. Indonesia Power; (6) Arisman, Executive Director of CSEAS. This activity was held on November 26th 2020 starting with a speech by Drs. M. R. Karliansyah, M.S., Director General of Pollution and Environmental Damage Control and was led by Heru Waluyo as the moderator.

           The presentation that was delivered consisted of various discussion topics such as East Asian Seas framework for action on marine pollution from land (COBSEA) explaining related activities that affect pollution in the sea, marine ecosystems and the impact of marine debris on the economy, ecosystem management and protection and also management areas of coastal and marine sustainability. The Applying Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia as a solution to marine pollution from land based activities based on collaborative approaches (PEMSEA) describes PEMSEA's mission to encourage and maintain healthy and resilient beaches and oceans, communities and economies throughout the East Asian Sea through integrated management solutions and partnerships, then commitments and the SDS-SEA Implementation Plan 2018-2022. The Strategy Framework of Pertamina Hulu Energy delivered the An Integrated Marine and Coastal Protection Program, Elimination Plastic Waste for East Kalimantan Block, Waste Management Program & Covid 19 Responds. Clean Seas Solution to Marine Pollution from Land-Based Activities: Collaborative Approach From Private Sector (PT. Indonesia Power) discussion related to commitment and initiatives, collaborative approach to solve problems, the impact of collaboration goes beyond waste minimization. Scientific Solutions to Marine Pollution from Land-based Activities based on Collaborative Approach in Southeast Asia (CSEAS) explains the global challenges related to marine debris, microplastic, and plastic pollution as well as exposure related to the OSEANO Project.

                                                                                 SEA of Solution - Side event


Denpasar, Indonesia