Side Event “Strengthening Capacity Initiatives for the Protection of Marine Environment from Land-based Pollution”, at the Archipelagic & Island States (AIS) Forum 2019 Result

When a unique grouping of nations, Archipelagic & Island States (AIS) convened in Manado from 30th October to 1st November 2019, RC3S took part in a collective forum addressing challenges of ocean resource usage for sustainable economic growth, climate change resiliency, ocean pollution, emergency management, and the enhancement of sustainable fisheries. Engaging researcher, private sector, local and national policy-makers, the workshop tackled issues related to capacity to build further initiatives and innovations for the protection of marine environment from land-based activities through the following objectives:

  1. To exchange knowledge and experiences on the capacity initiatives for the Protection of the marine environment;
  2. To increase the awareness on issues and concerns of policy makers, governments, academia/scientific community, and private sector as regard to the implementation of agenda on the Protection of the marine environment;
  3. To increase collaboration with RC3S relevant to its functions and roles to tackle land-based marine pollution.


Denpasar, Indonesia