RC3S Publication on Best Practices Innovative Solution to Combat Marine Litter Result

The publication consists of numerous initiatives and innovations carried out by partners taking parts to combat marine litter in Indonesia.

Initiatives and innovations compiled include:

Compliance to 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Varies from building and operating waste bank, waste management and recycling facility, series of regulations to ban single-use plastic bags and to increase waste collection rate, invention of creative products, and innovation in waste to energy.

Alternative to Plastic

Ranging from the use of traditional reusable bags, edible and environmentally friendly packaging from seaweed, and 100% recycled bottle for mineral water.


Activities within this category include coastal clean-up, river clean-up, and the use of equipment and technology for clean-up activities.

Monitoring and Research

In this category, the publication presents on-site monitoring, the use of smart technology for marine litter forecasting, and the development of national marine litter database.



Denpasar, Indonesia