Regional Workshop on Monitoring of Marine and Riverine Plastic Pollution in the ASEAN Region in collaboration with Center for Southeast Asia Studies (CSEAS) Result

Monitoring of marine and riverine plastic litter is a critical part of assessing the extent and possible impact within, devising possible mitigation methods to reduce inputs, and evaluating the effectiveness of such measures. Based on the importance toward achieving plastic waste reduction, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) Indonesia in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, under the ASEANO (ASEAN-Norwegian Cooperation Project on Local Capacity Building for Reducing Plastic Pollution in the ASEAN Region), has carried out a Regional workshop with the theme Monitoring of Marine and Riverine Plastic Pollution in the ASEAN Region. This activity was carried out virtually via zoom and youtube live streaming on August 23-24, 2021, which was attended by Kakuko Nagatani Yoshida (UNEP), Florence Descroi Comanducci (Director of IAEA Environmental Laboratories), Noir Primadona Purba (ASEANO Project Research Team), Dr. Hidayat (ASEANO Project Research Team), Dr. Marianne Olsen (NIVA), Britta Denise Hardesty (CSIRO), Dr. I Gede Hendrawan (Lecturer of Udaana Uniersity)and related stakeholders. To enhance the capacity of ASEAN Member State officers in conducting marine and riverine monitoring to prevent plastic entering the ocean. This is also a part of the Norwegian - ASEAN Regional Integration Program (NARIP) which aims to foster collaboration in the ASEAN region to reduce plastic pollution, disseminate and share knowledge between countries, and contribute to meeting sound reduction targets both in national and regional scale. this outputs is to sharing and compiling information about marine and riverine plastic monitoring methods.


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Denpasar, Indonesia